18 July 2019
Gravitational interactions: NGC 1532 group

By Jean-Baptiste Auroux

NGC1532 is a spiral galaxy with a similar size to our Milky Way, located about 50 million LY away in Eridanus.
 NGC1532 is in gravitational interaction with the others galaxies of its group, and its dwarfs companions specially with NGC 1531.
 These interactions lead to a spectacular distortion of the spiral arms of NGC 1532, the creation of unusual plumes above its disk, and have triggered starbust formation.
 Chilescope ASA RC1000 f/6;  AltAz Mount;  FLI Proline 16803
 Astrodon LRGB Filters + Astrodon Ha 3nm
 L : 16 x 600s bin1
 RGB : 18 x 300s bin2
 Ha : 9 x 300s bin2
 Pixinsight & Photoshop
 14/15/16/21 november 2018

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