22 May 2019
The Rosette Nebula


By Irving Pieters and Ruben Barbosa

Imaging telescope or lens:TS Powernewton 8" f2.8
 Guiding camera:QSI 583wsg;  Software:Maxim DL, Gim
 Ha: 27x600" ;  OIII: 41x600" ;  SII: 32x600"
 How memorable an image can be depends on a number of factors and varies from individual to individual.
 For instance, take a look at this Nebula. She is beautiful, hypnotizing, maybe with oriental refinement. Conveys harmony and wisdom. I consider it memorable.
 The Rosette Nebula is one of the most wonderful clouds of gas that we can contemplate and its location is propitious to observations from the two hemispheres, being enough binoculars or telescope of small size; as such, is one of the most appreciated by astrophotographers.

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