20 February  2016

                         IC 1311 and friends                        

 By       Markus Blauensteiner  
www.deeplook.astronomie.at )

   IC 1311 is an open star cluster in Cygnus. It is embedded in a region of bright emission nebula. Also a dark nebula out of Barnards catalog - B 342 - is visible.
Nearly in the middle, one can find a small bubble, a possible planetary nebula.

Image taken at the Gahberg observatory, Upper Austria.
10" f/4 + 5" f/5 Newtonian simultaneosly for Luminance and RGB.
L 44x10 min (Sbig ST2000XM), RGB 19x10 min each (SXV-H9), total 16.8 hours.


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