11  March  2017
                                    IC59 -IC63 Narrow Band                                  


 By    Jesús M. Vargas  and Maritxu Poyal
( www.sky-astrophotography.com )

These magnificent clouds that appear to be flowing, like a cosmic ice it were. They can be found on a beautiful starry field in the direction of the constellation Cassiopeia. The IC 59 and IC 63 nebulae with a slight cometary appearance are at a distance of about 600 light years. Clouds are only 3 or 4 light years from Gama Casiopeae bright star, whose ultraviolet radiation is slowly dissipating both clouds. IC 63, the nebula on the right is closer to the star and shows the familiar red glow for the ionized hydrogen by ultraviolet radiation emitting its own light. IC 59, however, is furthest away from said star, exhibiting a little blue tinge characteristic of the reflected starlight. This time has been used palette: LRGB: Ha, B, G, Ha

Observation area: Benamahoma, Cádiz July 26, 2016
photographic telescope: Takahashi FSQ-106 - focal f / 5
Telescope guide: Lunatic EZG-60mm
Mount: Losmandy G-11 Gémini v.4
CCD guide: CCD QHY-5
CCD capture: QSI-683 CCD WS8
Exposure: 12 x 900 "Hydrogen alpha filter (H Alfa) 6 x 900" Filter Blue 6 x 900 "Green Filter

Clear Skies,

Jesús M. Vargas anda Maritxu Poyal  


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