19  March  2017
                                   An unknown concentric crater?                                 


 By     Avani Soares
( astroavani.no.comunidades.net )

When I decided to capture this region, my target naturally was Vitello and Doppelmayer.
Who does not marvel at the rilles system that surrounds the small central elevations at Vitello?
Who is not surprised to see the central pyramid-shaped peak of Doppelmayer?
But when I looked at the photo better, I was surprised by a small shallow crater (indicated by the arrow) halfway between Vitello and Doppelmayer.
 My curiosity was aroused and so I decided to analyze it better in QuickMap.
Which was not my surprise to find a small old concentric crater! Using the tool Line Tool I quickly calculated its diameter in no more than 3.5 km.
 I realized that even LROC has not yet done a detailed mapping of this crater that I will call "Lee X" so that I do not get a clear 3D projection Of that formation, but even so,
I believe that the image obtained from the QuickMap leaves no doubt to treat itself if a concentric crater little known or even unknown.
Text: Avani Soares


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