21  March  2017
                                   Terzan 5                                 


 By    Steve Crouch
members.pcug.org.au/~stevec/ )

Terzan 5 is one of the brighter Terzan globular clusters, a group of heavily obscured globular clusters discovered by Agop Terzan in 1968.
They are extremely reddened and best studied in the infrared.  Once thought to be totally impossible for amateur observers, most of them have now been visually observed.
 Terzan 5 has an apparent magnitude of 12.8 and is approximately 1' in diameter.

This is a LRGB exposure with the luminance a combination of near infrared luminance (150m) and normal luminance (90m) with R=G=B=90m. 
A 14.5" RCOS Ritchey Chretien at F9 and a SBIG STXL6303 camera were used.  The filters were Astrodon series 2.


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