12  June  2018
 NGC 4216 & Cia


By   Antonio Fernandez
afesan.es )

INGC 4216,4206,4212,4222,4189,4193 et al (Virgo & Coma Berenices) * March-April 2017 * ASA N12 astrograph (f/3.6, 1081mm) * DDM85 mount * G3 16200 Moravian CCD * LRGB Baader filters * Subframes unguided- acquired with Sequence & Autoslew * L:590min R:220m G:190m B:230m *
Some 40 million light-years distant, edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 4216 is nearly 100,000 light-years across, about the size of our own Milky Way.
 Found in the dense Virgo Galaxy Cluster, NGC 4216 is centered in this deep telescopic portrait flanked by fellow Virgo
 cluster members NGC 4206 (right) and NGC 4222. Like other large spirals,
 including the Milky Way, NGC 4216 has grown by cannibalizing smaller satellite galaxies.
 In fact, this view has caught it in the act, with still distinct satellite galaxies showing faint star streams extending for thousands of light-years into the halo of NGC 4216.


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