10  July  2018
  NGC 6164 and 6165


By  Warren Keller / Steve Mazlin
( www.billionsandbillions.com/ngc_6164-5.html )

NGC 6164 and 6165 in the constellation Norma, is a gorgeous bipolar nebula, surrounding the extremely rare O6.5f-type star, designated HD 148937. This unusual spectral class, of which only 4 other members are known, consists of massive (~40 solar masses), young supergiants with exotic emission lines, and relatively short life spans. Beginning only 4,000 years ago, a violent, two-stage mass ejection from the central star formed the nebula, as well as the lovely teal, OIII-rich (oxygen 3) outer shell. The central nebula is estimated to be about 9 x 6 light years in size, and is 4,000 light years from Earth. This data was acquired in 2018 by SSRO and the final image is a collaboration between myself and SSRO partner Dr. Steve Mazlin.


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