12  January 2019
  The Great Magellanic Cloud from Perú


By  Guillermo Spiers
www.astrofotoperu.com )

The Great Magellanic Cloud is an irregular galaxy located about 163 thousand light-years away.
With clear and dark skies, it can be seen with the naked eye towards the south east.
 Its diameter reaches 35,000 light-years.

- Camera: Sony a7s
- Lens: Rokinon 85 mm f1.4 @ f2
- ISO: 3200
- Exposure: 2.5 seconds (no tracking)
- Number of photos stacked: 151 photos. If I add the Darks (25) and BIAS (25), they would total: 201 images.
- Format: RAW
- Software: Deepskystacker, Pixinsight, Photoshop.

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